Safety is our priority


VLM guard and support vessels operate in an extraordinary, but sometimes volatile environment. By recognizing the potential risks and ensuring proper mitigating measures are implemented, VLM ensures safe and secure working conditions not only for its crew but for all personnel aboard their vessels.
VLM recognizes that professional Quality, Health, Safety, Security and Environmental (QHSSE) performance is essential for successful operations. When QHSSE principles are implemented in a practical, but proper way, safety and success go hand in hand.
In order to support this strategy VLM has adopted the following principles.


  • VLM operations comply with all applicable legislation, regulations, standards and best practice principles;
  • VLM is focused on total customer satisfaction as returning customers form an important commercial pillar;
  • VLM strives for continuous improvement of its services, management system and QHSSE standards.

Health & Safety

  • VLM provides a healthy and safe working environment for all employees;
  • VLM procedures and instructions support this and form the basis of everyday activities;
  • ISM, ISPS and MLC requirements form an integral part of vessel operations and on- and offshore management;
  • Safe working practices are applied to prevent injuries and work related illnesses;
  • Healthy living principals and working conditions are promoted as well as responsible behavior;
  • ‘Duty of care’ is expected of all VLM personnel;
  • It is mandatory for all personnel to use the correct PPE for the task at hand.

Substance Abuse

  • VLM takes substance abuse extremely seriously as misuse not only jeopardizes the individual but endangers the entire crew, vessel and/or (project) operation;
  • To enforce zero tolerance random and pre-employment D&A testing is conducted.


  • VLM is committed to protect its crew, clients and other passengers against potential hostile, criminal and terrorist acts;
  • Masters are made aware of maritime security incidents, potential risks and dangers in general and specifically in relation to their operations/projects;
  • Including supporting the Masters and crew with safeguarding and security preparations.


  • VLM operates in the renewable and sustainable offshore infrastructure market;
  • Reducing the environmental impact of operations is not only smart but responsible business conduct;
  • On a day to day basis sustainable and environmentally friendly materials are always considered;
  • Basic and best practice principles such as waste segregation and 3 R’s are implemented both on and offshore;
  • Offshore MARPOL protocols and regulations are strictly adhered to.